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Data has shown that "shoppers are more likely to engage with well-merchandised vehicles... the better your vehicles are merchandised, the higher they rank in Autotrader's search results!" - Cox Automotive, August 15, 2018

The more high-quality photos you have for your new car inventory - the better and the numbers don't lie!

156% Increase more VDP's per Multiple Custom Photos listing vs a Stock photo

88% Increase more VDP's per Multiple Custom Photos listing vs a Single Custom photo

99% Increase VDP's when you have Multiple Custom photos vs No Photo

36% Increase VDP's when you have just 1 Single Custom Photo vs No Photo

-22% Decrease VDPs per listing with a Stock Photo vs No Photo

27% Increase VDP's with Comments vs None

30% Increase VDP's when you add Video vs No Video

Multiple high-quality photos is a MUST if you want to win the silent sale online. We do not cap our photos on new and used cars, whether a car needs 25 (our minimum standard) or 80+ we will shoot as many images needed to showcase all the unique and premium features to help sell your car. Don't forget, our custom Signature

Digital Polish™ photo edit comes included for free with all our photo services! We also offer custom descriptions written by a former used car manager, walk-around, aerial and full production video to highlight your car or dealership. You tell us the play you want to run and we will score you a touch-down. That is the new standard when you partner with Auto Hot Shots.

High-Quality Car Photos Inventory Merchandising

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