3 Quick Tips for Better Dealership Photography Pics Today!

October 19, 2016

 Here is our 3 quick tips to improve your dealerships inventory photos today so you can picture it sold!


1.  Invest in a DSLR camera - even if it is an entry level DSLR, a good quality camera is worth the investment to showcase quality photos of your inventory to your customers.


2. Staging - Find the best place on your lot to shoot your inventory.  A background free of clutter and distractions is best. (Solid color wall or clean fence)


3.  Lighting - It is important to know the best times of the day to shoot your inventory (which is first thing in the morning and dusk) however, if you have a lot of inventory to shoot in a day, that this can not always be done.  Always shoot with the sun at your back to reduce or eliminate shadows if shooting during peak hours.   




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