Partner with the Alpha Retention Team obsessed with winning in customer retention and referrals.  Keep recurring revenue top-of-mind with our custom promotional marketing system.  Our design helps you connect with your existing client base to help increase dealer loyalty in service and sales while promoting your brand daily.  Customers are the biggest asset for your company, that is why we help you proactively personalize and engage with our loyalty marketing services.  Focus on relationship, retention and referrals with our unique marketing approach so you can be seen, remembered and promoted - daily.  Make your network boost your net-worth with Dealer Keepsakes™. 


It is known that you have a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer you have rapport with.  Genuine relationships is essential to your bottom line.  Following the sale, we solidify the deal with our custom promotional accolade to enrich your customer connection, and WOW their expectations.  It delivers a personal touch that is unique to each customer, while giving you all the credit.  Developing a relationship with your customer can be the best lead you can achieve. 


Repeat purchases means more profit.  You have already spent money acquiring your customer - do not let them become a forgotten lead already paid for. The customer lifetime value equates to long-term revenue.  Your customers will remember their experience long after the sale.  Give your customers a tangible reason to stay while commemorating their experience with you.  We personalize your business design with our Loyalty-Winning Dealer incentives for your customers. 


Create customers that will create customers.  Referral selling multiplies your customer base and revenue - they insist their friends do business with your dealership. Grow a lifetime of worth with endorsements, testimonials, brand awareness and lead generation through your customers network.  Our meaningful strategies will engage your customers to become your biggest dealer advocate and propel your customer-powered growth, giving you the competitive advantage.  Your network determines your net-worth!

Services At A Glance

· Image editing/enhancement

· Background replacement/ vehicle clipping path

· Custom thumbnail spotlight ads (proprietary service)

· High-volume editing

· Re-sizing/cropping

· Dealer branded templates

· Overlays, feature banners, why buy messages

· Descriptions

· Digital window stickers 

· Publishing

· Quality control & inventory management

· Weekly reports

· Retail merchandising

· Customer and employee retention accolades

· Retail inventory photography training online

Who We Are For

· Automotive car dealerships

· Boat, RV, ATV, Airplane dealers

· Lot service providers

· In-house photography dealers

· Independent photographers

· Manufacturers

· High-volume photo editing companies

· Software companies

· Merchandising training

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About Us

Atlanta, GA

United States

With 15+ years in the automotive retail space as an Internet Sales Director and BDC trainer,

Auto Hot Shots was founded in 2012 to help car dealers close the gap with their online merchandising.  To market and stand-out online, you must have the best bait!  With our eye-catching photography while observing the 60/90 day turn rule, we cast your line faster than anyone else.  We are your merchandising partner and stay in-sync with dealer marketing trends.